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Save the Date!

Little brutha ain't so little no more, in case ya ain't heard, he's got a lady friend worth writing home about and rumor is she's gonna marry him. See ya June 14th! The Save the Date was inspired by Wes Anderson, or so I hear?

  1. Blogger Folkestad | 6:25 AM |  

    Finally josh! You're back on the blog (even if it is just to talk about Jr.) I'll take it though :) Here you re-inspire me to continue my blog chrisfolkestad.blogspot.com and then you just fall off the earth. Good to have you back man. Now if I can just find a template as cool as yours, I'll be in business!

  2. Anonymous Duerkop | 10:21 PM |  

    Wow, I'm mesmerized by this photo. Who is responsible?

  3. Anonymous Jeremy | 3:18 PM |  

    Hey Duerkop I put it together, although we used a friend's wide angle lens.

  4. Anonymous Duerkop | 3:00 PM |  

    Very nice! Oh, yeah and if I didn't tell you this before - congratulations.

  5. Blogger Lynnea | 6:52 AM |  

    HI Josh! I found your blog in a round-about way, but I've been wanting to get a hold of you anyway because I need your address!!!I'm having a wedding of my own that I need to invite you to, but I'm guessing you won't make it since it's June 13th. Awfully close to Jeremy's...but you're getting invited anyway, so deal with it!

    Can you send me your address via e-mail? (lynneafaith(at)gmail(dot)com)

    Thanks! Miss you!

  6. Anonymous Matt | 6:39 AM |  

    Oh MANN! Jeremy looks a lot like King Richard in this photo. I can't believe my little mann is all grown up... and about to marry a woman who is obviously WAY outta his league. Way to go my young Padawan, the force is strong in you. Nice Blog JP! Heard you were used in a powerful way at DYC. I'm so proud!

  7. Anonymous Anonymous | 3:52 PM |  

    josh i love your blog!! you are so ridiculously funny i can't even get over it.

  8. Blogger Josh Mann | 4:09 PM |  

    ha, thanks! it's fun...yours is sweet too!!

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