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To buy or not to buy...

I'm struggling here folks, I really am. I have the least amount of tolerance for ladies spending hundreds of dollars on purses and random shoes yet at the exact same time I find myself contemplating an iPhone, currently tipping the scales at a whopping $399. Is that hypocritical? Probably. Here's where I'm at...if I sell my current phone, the venerable Treo 650, I could probably get around $100 for it...if I add that to some of my Christmas money from work, grandparents and a generous brother I bring my total up to $300. That leaves $100 left to raise. At this point I'm thinking either support letters, selling our dog or returning some of my wife's Christmas gifts. :) So...here's where you come in...I need advice. I either need to be slapped upside the head and told that I have the second best phone in the world and that money could and should be better spent elsewhere OR that I've never thought clearer, I'll never regret this purchase and in some twisted yet true way this advances the Kingdom. The only twist is that I'm a proud T-Mobile customer and there is no way I'm going to even begin to consider paying AT&T's $59.99 monthly data (internet) plan for the iPhone in addition to the rate (phone) plan. Not on my life. So...if I did go this route, I'd have to hack into the iPhone and unlock it, something that many people have supposedly done...then I keep my dirt-cheap T-Mobile rate plan and add internet for either $5 or $20 a month, much better. But what if I couldn't unlock the phone...then what? It's time for you to cast your vote: Yea Heck nay Josh

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  1. Blogger Folkestad | 6:38 AM |  

    I say no. I love the idea of the iphone, and would love to own one someday. I just want to wait till they lower the price a bit and work out some flaws.
    If you use your treo like I use my blackberry, (for email, day planner, phone, and some internet) I'd say you got the best phone already. If you are looking for an mp3 and better internet, then go with the iphone. either way, you got a great phone.

  2. Blogger Bex | 9:08 AM |  

    Leave your poor wife alone! Don't take her Christmas gifts or passive aggressively mention her appreciation for lovely shoes. Sheesh! :-) See if I get you an iPhone for your 26th birthday!

    I agree with Folkestad that you have the best phone out there already. I'm not sure you really, really need more access to the internet...even though it'd be fun. Either way you go, I've got your back.:-)

  3. Blogger Ron and Britt | 11:58 AM |  

    Do it, I've heard it's super easy to hack the iPhone plus it's soooo cool.

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