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Chillin' with Crowder

Whenever I hang out with one of my buddies, Erik Williams, another side of me comes out. Erik makes me laugh and brings out a certain kind of humor in me that normally lays dormant. He also can get me to do things I'd NEVER normally do...I have numerous instances of getting talked into random, uncomfortable, or cool situations with Mr W/ a "K". Anyways...our Student Ministries team was at Youth Specialties' National Youth Workers Convention and Erik palled around with us for most of the trip. We all had big events coming up (he had DYC, which I'm speaking at in Feb-woot woot...and we had reach happening two weeks later) so he has the brilliant idea to get and get some of the big name dudes at the conference to do a video plug for our events that we could incorporate into our promotional materials. Erik has done this sort of thing a lot, in fact, I've met Tait and Superchick walking around with him and a video camera. So...the night we have this idea Louie Giglio had just finished speaking, Chris Tomlin had led worship and David Crowder was setting up to lead the following morning. We walk up to Louie and he's totally cool and says a little spiel inviting students to DYC/reach...then we finally get the guts to go ask Crowder who also obliges. Erik had done a goofy video with him before and Crowder actually remembered! At this point...Tomlin had already gone backstage and for some reason the same gutsy guys that had the chutzpah to walk up to these dudes were not comfortable walking behind the curtains to go backstage. For some reason I was feeling gutsy and daring and I'm like, "follow me, here we go! Just act confident and no one will think anything, I learned that from my thieving days :)" We walked back, looked around and then found him just as he was walking onto his tour bus...rats! Well...here's what they did for us...it turned out pretty sweet and was a great promo and intro for our event!

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  1. Blogger Folkestad | 6:34 AM |  

    Very nice!
    I am working with a conference we have coming up at Wisconsin Dells. We are working on the programming right now, but we don't have any big nammers dropping plugs though! Lets face it, we live in Wisconsin :)

    Great video!

  2. Blogger Josh Mann | 11:42 AM |  

    I feel ya...this like never happens, except when I'm with Erik! What's the conference? High school?

  3. Blogger Folkestad | 12:04 PM |  

    The conference is our High School Winter conference. We usually get a ton of students to show up. usually close to 500. Its down a bit this year though. Should still be a great weekend. Any programming ideas would be appreciated.

  4. Blogger Corey | 8:07 AM |  

    I like it! He's definitely a goofy looking critter...

  5. Blogger Josh Mann | 10:09 AM |  

    yes he is one interesting looking fellow, wow! good to see ya magstadt!

  6. Blogger erik w/a "k" | 10:35 AM |  

    dude...still proud of u!!

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