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Drunk Pastor

Huge props for creativity on this one. Fits the 'made to stick' paradigm of Simple, Unexpected, Concrete...


Services I'm using

Every once in a while I appreciate the twitterers and blogs I follow letting me in on the services, products or websites they're utilizing. Here's my latest:







Now your turn? What must I check out?!

Did you mean:

That's just funny. Do you see it? Click for a closer look.

No, no that's not what I meant.


Like em? Love em? Leave em?

Well, if you're the latter you're not alone. Irregardless, me and my Christ-following homeboys and homegirls are a part of one. I prefer to call it a worldwide network of churches but it's all semantics. Actually, I take that back, as I recently was reminded in a book I'm reading called Axiom, "language matters" and here's a link to that chapter summarized.

Irre-irregardless, I was reading about the XXX Church dudes and the fact that they're starting a church in Las Vegas called Strip Church (what a sweet name for a church on the strip). They had a recent news and highlights section and what did I find there under recent supporters but the network of churches I call home. Way to go Christian and Missionary Alliance, props to you/us/them, whatever, you get the idea.

Bill Gates wants to change the world...

And here are some of his latest ideas from Ted.
18 minutes well worth the watching.

Apple products will get you laid.

Their words, not mine. Read here for a well-written blog post from the one-and-only Donald Miller with his latest take on an aspect of society.

You should follow his blog too, I do, it's free.

Read the article here.