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Money Money Money

A wise person once said something witty and profound about money. But I don't remember and don't want to look for anything. So, instead I give you four recent blog posts/articles (all 60 second reads or less) that focus on the topic.

If/when I'm leading an organization/church/anything/non-profit, I'm going to make a big deal about money. I just decided. That's not true, I have felt that way for a long time but it seems more dramatic to say you just decided to do something.

That being said, said articles:

Joe Biden Ticks Me Off

Let's Give $1 Million Away

It Just Makes Cents

The Surprising Truth about American Generosity

  1. Blogger Jeremy | 9:10 PM |  

    Hey man. You're finding some good stuff here. This evening I had a strong passing sense that I should maybe be a pastor. A bit later I had a strong passing sense that you and I should start a church. I donno. Love you!

  2. Blogger Josh Mann | 10:46 PM |  

    what?!?!? Dude seriously...I think that's something that we should seriously pray/think about...I'm curious how often your passing sense passes?