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I promise to wear my helmet

I often rebel against 'safety' measures like wearing helmets, washing my hands a lot, and other random stuff . Every once in a while I get a rude awakening that those safety measures are there for a reason and while I do believe I'm immortal until God is done with me I also believe that being an idiot could end my life prematurely. I do stupid stuff like setting 10 feet tall fires only to find out that fires within city limits should not exceed 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall. I take river kayaks into 45 degree ocean water at eight o'clock at night, fall out of said kayak and proceed to endanger my life and others while trying to beach my kayak on rocks with waves crashing onto them. I admit, not always wise, but I do like living life on the edge in ways that make me feel alive. However, I have gotten a motorcycle helmet for our new scooter, one because it's the law, two because I value my life and want to set a good example and three because I don't want to be dead after experiencing something like this awful tragedy that happened a few days ago. What a picture, ouch!