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RX stands for...

Do you know? As my wife and I were enjoying some fine dining the other evening, celebrating the earth's second full rotation around the sun since we committed our lives to each other, this question came up. What does the RX in prescription stand for or mean? I've wondered this myself before and never was quite sure...any guesses? Where do I turn when I need help? You guessed it, your friends and mine, wikipedia. RX

All Piper books, $5

Hey folks...a former college roommate of mine works at Desiring God Ministries, the ministry that distributes resources from John Piper, and informed me that the sale of a lifetime is happening this week! This Wednesday and Thursday, every single Piper book they sell online is $5, and there's no limit! These books would be great for Volunteer appreciation gifts... looking smart... stocking stuffers... scratching your calvinist itch... click below for the link! http://www.desiringgod.org/Blog/690_all_books_for_5/ Some of my favorites: Desiring God Let the Nations Be Glad Don't Waste Your Life Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (just kidding, slightly different perspective than the Salem Alliance view, more emphasis on the different and less on the slightly :) p.s. please don't make the assumption that just because some of these books are on my favorites means that I've read them

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Wow...and I've only finished the second chapter...

Words fail me...the best preaching book I had never heard of until a week ago, seriously this book has changed my life. Employed as a leader, communicator, pastor and needing to constantly and consistently communicate ideas, vision, truth, etc this book has explored the underpinnings of why you still remember certain ideas from decades past yet aren't sure what you had for breakfast today. I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts...

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Quote of the Day

We confess our little faults to persuade people that we have no large ones. -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Slept in today...for work.

Yes, today I slept in until approximately 10:34AM...why you might be asking? Because I care about my job, I'm attempting to contribute to to the kingdom and today that meant sleeping. You see...this evening I will not be sleeping, not even a wink. Our annual all-night party is upon us, and when I say all-night I mean ALL-NIGHT! We have over a hundred students coming at 6:30PM and not saying goodbye or goodnight until 6:30AM. Hence, why I was sleeping in this morning. We're going iceskating, broomballing, pizzaeating, YMCA playing, bonfire burning, bowling ball hurling and breakfast eating all within 12 hours. Jealous? Don't be...and enjoy your sleep tonight! Just kidding, this event is a ton of fun and my ANP muscles have had three years to develop so bring it on baby, I'm ready!