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2007 CRASH Academy Awards

Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats as the lights are about to dim. We had the first annual CRASH Academy Awards on Wednesday and we watched 8 videos that were all made by students. Each grade group (6th grade boys, 6th grade girls, etc) came up with an original idea and had a month to film it. We gave out golden rhinos that looked like this... We had a red carpet...a picture area...a live camera feed from the red carpet as Kevbo interviewed guests as they arrived, it was awesome as it played on the screens inside...students got dressed up...we served them cookies and sparking cider and it was a total blast. Even our leaders dressed up to 'present' different awards and the best leader outfit definitely had to go to Grant Jensen with his ZZ Top impersonation, very nice! We had a total blast and will DEFINITELY do it again next year... And we had the students vote on their favorite video...the following video from the 8th grade boys won in a landslide...enjoy and check out all the other videos on youtube here!

  1. Blogger erik w/a "k" | 12:46 PM |  

    what a great night that was! WTG on posting all the vids on youtube.

    also looks like ur paper is pretty cool. have fun with that tabulation

  2. Blogger Josh Mann | 1:11 PM |  

    dude once again you make it all come together...i hope you enjoy being there as much as we do! and those were my first videos on youtube...took me a little bit but finally got it...unfortunately the longer video's quality isn't great :(

  3. Blogger Folkestad | 7:31 AM |  

    Josh what kinda camera do you guys have for your ministry? We are starting to get the things we need to do video in our ministry. I am stumped with the camera. Spend more and go sweet, or get a more basic handycam? Your advise would be appreciated!

  4. Blogger Josh Mann | 11:10 PM |  

    i appreciate your struggle...i've actually gone middle of the road on one and low-low end on another. the first was a canon gl-2...i just really like that camera...but it's around 2K. I also got a wittle bitty guy for about $400 and it's not THAT bad. The only thing is that if we wanna hook a live camera up to the projectors (which isn't as hard as it sounds) it needs like S-video coming out of the camera and my little guy doesn't have that. erik who commented above went the 4K route and got a sweeet one but we can't afford that. what's your price range?

  5. Blogger Folkestad | 6:18 AM |  

    Our Price range is around the 5oo.oo mark. How important is it to be able to have an external mic hook up? I have 800.00 budgeted for "video" and I am thinking of going heavy on the camera and light on the software this year, and then doing better software next year.
    any suggestions and advise would be great. And by the way Erik, if you ever want to make a donation to a poor old Wisconsin Student Ministry, I'd be more than willing to help you get in touch with one :)!
    Thanks Josh

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