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Rob Bell and Time Magazine

Rob Bell...like him or hate him...he's the theologian and pastor to the next generation and a growing population of the current one. He was featured in this week's edition of TIME and a quote from Ben Witherington in that article states, ""He could be one of the most important 21st century Christian leaders." Regardless of how you feel about him or his theology his influence is growing exponentially. 1.2 million Noomas, a couple hundred thousand books, three speaking tours, the second highest religion and spirituality podcast in the country, all while leading and teaching regularly at a fatty church! A fascinating interview with him that was published in Donald Miller and friends weekly online magazine is here and yields some fascinating insight into his growing up life and how he views himself. While I'm not the biggest fan of picking people apart from a distance and really wouldn't appreciate that if it were me; the reality is that those in leadership and positions of influence are scrutinized more closely. Regardless, the guy is stinkin' gifted. I've heard his podcasts, read his books, watched the noomas and even heard him recently up in Portland at a sold-out showing of his latest tour, the gods aren't angry. He is a communicating genius that makes me insecure and inspires me at the same time. He also, through his unique style, gives me permission to be the unique and creative communicator God has wired me to be...an aspect of myself I've struggled in coming to terms with... This post doesn't have that much of a point...he's just an intriguing guy that I haven't figured out and from time to time my thoughts shift to his style, his substance and his influence and it all leaves me pretty blown away.