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Monday Miscellaneous

"Monday Miscellaneous" has quickly turned into "my only post of the week." Ahh...it's alright.

Threw a bunch of stuff on craigslist today, hopefully some of it will sell, need to pay off the ol' Scooter ticket from a bit ago.

I am realizing more and more how much of a people person/need to be in the center of a lot of social activity kind of guy I am. In college it was great because that was easy. In fact, I had to be intentional at getting time away from the action because I do need some down/alone time. However, post college it's quite the opposite. I feel Becca and I get a great amount of time a week and I feel I can get my alone time when I need it as well. It's the lots of people time that takes a lot of work to maintain. That, coupled with the fact that the primary initiator in our family, my wife, has a different social appetite, leaves me with less of this than I was probably designed for. Oh well, being aware is half of the solution, i'm trying to think of creative ways to rub shoulders more with folks on evenings and weekends without overdoing my schedule, i'll keep ya posted!

Visited a new/different church in town yesterday simply because we could. A charismatic church on the other side of town. It was a great church that had very engaging worship and engaged folks, encouraging to see. The best way I can summarize the differences between our home church and this church is to say that SAC colors inside the lines and Life Church colors outside the lines. Probably the same crayons and the same paper but that subtle, simple difference explains it in my mind. I like many aspects of a colors-outside-the-lines church, there are some aspects I find a wee bit odd and especially uncomfortable for first-time church-goers. A great experience though and refreshing for my soul!

That's all for this week, see ya next time!

  1. Blogger melmac | 8:44 PM |  

    Josh Mann. Steve Fowler just approved me for consecration today. I just thought you should know :) It was touch and go once he knew I knew you. Good times! Monday Miscellaneous is always a random conglomeration. Things I don't care a whole lot about but somehow enjoy reading :)

  2. Blogger Josh Mann | 10:14 PM |  

    well hey, congratulations!! That's a big deal, and in spite of knowing me all the more so! He's a good dude...i'm still a ways off on my ordination. :(