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On pace

You might have learned from my twitter that I've decided to train for a half marathon. I wouldn't call myself a pure runner but I am competitive and do enjoy a challenge. A fair amount of co-workers have done a half the past two years and it finally came to the point where I said, if they can do it, i can do it. So, in the spirit of 'bring it--don't sing it,' here goes nothing. My goal is a 7:30 pace, that'd beat most of the other SACers and is also realistic yet crazy challenging considering the fact that it's taken me about two years to run the last 13 miles and that's about 2 months/mile pace. With the beautiful technology available to us today and a gift card from Best Buy from either Erik or Michelle (thanks!) I got a Nike+ runner thingymabobber. I thought I could share it with my wife but apparently they sync to one person's stride/weight etc so very graciously she's letting me use it but I think we'll get her one with the other gift card. ;) Anyways, third run total, first with the fun technology so here I go, let's see if I can stay on pace!