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Whoville Field Trip

Had a great Sunday afternoon adventure last week with some amazing middle schoolers. We had just finished a series on the Bible called, What's This? We had divided the Bible into 12 eras each complete with a name, a hand motion, a sound, and a sentence. We figured that if you could see the whole story of scripture as connected and remember the parts that connect it then your understanding of the Bible would be better, as would your ability to explain it to someone else. We added a special challenge to anyone who could memorize all the 3 S's (signs, sounds, and sentences) for all 12 eras and Psalm 119:9-11. This was almost a full page of words and verses that they had to recite near-perfect. Welp, 8 did it! And they were all girls (what does that tell you? Personally, I don't know, but something!) I was so proud of them and their 'prize' was a trip up to Portland for a fancy lunch and a free movie! So...where'd we go and what'd we see? Uh, only the best restaurant in the world, PF Changs and walked on over afterwards to get to now our new best friend, Horton. Good job ladies!