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Little Brutha Round 2

I know blogs are supposed to be about the person writing them, namely myself, but with such fascinating things going on around me I've got to shift the attention off myself every once in a while (don't worry, i'll bring it back to me shortly ;) and focus on those who inspire me. You've read about my wife, Immaculee, my parents, my friends, my older brother, and now the attention shifts to my younger brother. He is going to absolutely kill me for doing this, he hates this kind of attention, but what are big brothers for? I was perusing Biola's website and then what did I see, staring back at me? Why, the face of some relatee, namely lao di di (chinese for youngest child, pardon the rhyme).
Yup, that's his mug alright! Apparently he has a unique role on the Biola Associated Students staff and that of...well, why don't we let his bio speak for itself...
How cool is that? And in a tie and everything, this dude is sharp. Well, I better wrap this up cause I can feel his 'older-brother-acting-like-a-schmuck' patience wearing thin. Okay, how about one more thing, just a comment from one of his recent events, hosting the acclaimed historian George Marsden.
Greg, I couldn't have said it better myself. That's all folks, just a toast to the lao di di who'll hopefully forgive me.