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3 Yr Anniversary & The Team is Complete

On this day three years ago I started at Salem Alliance as a scraggly, awkward, overconfident, and insecure middle school intern. Today, I'm proud to say that I'm now a scraggly, awkward, overconfident and insecure middle school pastor, note the difference! It has been both a blessing and a curse to have spent only one of my three years here with a full team. A blessing because my learning curve and development has been on hyper drive and a curse because we were never meant to stay too long on hyper drive. I am thrilled that today was the first day for our new female Youth Pastor in the world of Middle School. Her name is Michelle Unwin and she hails from the birthplace of Coke. You need to figure that out. Their house hasn't sold by that hasn't stopped her, she flew in with her two kids a few days ago and is jumping in. I'm excited to relax in some ways and press forward in others. For those who are not familiar with the team pictured above they are (clockwise from top left): Linda Byeman (administrative assistant), Michelle Unwin (middle school), Tifani Riggle (high school), Steve Dangaran (student ministries pastor, aka boss), Brian Condello (high school), yours truly in middle school, and Patrick Kelley (college).

  1. Blogger Hubka | 5:36 PM |  

    Well, Yesh, I'll say I'm proud of you sticking it out down there, making things good, all that stuff. Sounds like you're doing good. Wakefield said he caught you for a little bit. Sorry I never called you back, but I thought Adam's call was enough response for the both of us at the time. Next time you're in Portland, and you wanna catch me, you've got my number. I'm really only in Salem while driving to Dallas for Christmas or Thanksgiving. I'd tell you to check out my blog, but you sound like a myspace guy anymore, and it's really only about dancing and girls nowadays, anyway. Speaking of, I need to get ready for a dance. Three years. Not a long time at all for all this to happen. Later dude.

  2. Blogger erik w/a "k" | 6:09 PM |  

    You are such a stud. I am sooo glad the team is now complete. You guys are on the verge of turning this town upside down. I think you will find things stepping up with this whole team.

    God is in this!!!

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